Blok Designs is proud to lead the way in design while also being dedicated to creating landscapes through sustainable methods and ideas. We integrate environmentally-friendly techniques into every aspect and aim to achieve the ideal harmony between natural and designed landscapes.


Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using strategic methods to counteract negative environmental impacts and ensuring that landscapes can be ecologically maintained, even in challenging times. To achieve this, sustainable methods must be integrated into all phases of the project, including the initial planning and design, construction, and final installation and management of the venture.


By utilising years of experience, Blok Designs implements sustainable techniques and methods. We stay ahead of the curve by collaborating with a team of experts and integrating best practices from various fields into our designs, including agri-landscaping, permaculture, natural water systems, indigenous planting, mulching, soil protection with cover crops, boreholes, and harnessing solar panel energy.


Each practice is customized to suit the specific performances and challenges of a particular region, as well as the needs and requirements of the design. Not only are our methods environmentally friendly, but many of them also save resources, time, and energy, and are cost-efficient in the long term.


Our goal is to connect the natural world and the human environment, allowing both to coexist harmoniously without harming each other, and to highlight the beauty in both. Through the use of sustainable practices, our gardens, projects, and installations adapt to change and challenges, maintaining their beauty, vibrancy, and unique style.